11th July 2021

Bring in the Wrecking Ball

If I had a penny for every person that said ‘Oooh you’re an Interior Designer your home must be fabulous’ …. I’d be rich!

Our home is gorgeous but it is realistic and as gorgeous for us as we could justify at the time of moving in on a shoe string budget.  

It is a constant joy for me to have the opportunity to design exuberant homes, hotels and resorts with limitless budgets but it does mean our own home gets a little neglected.  Thus, I wish I did have the penny for each time its was said that my home must be fabulous!

Please, do not get me wrong, we love our home however there is a lot we need to do to it and have not yet because we don’t have the funds or the time or the will.  Home renovations are a big deal, that I suppose is why people employ me, an interior designer, to project manage the process for them.  My day job sounds glamorous but the reality is it is not at all, well not until the final reveal of the finished project – that is the glamorous part.  Dealing with and managing relationships between architects, contractors and surveyors can be testing especially when your ultimate goal is to get them to unite in harmony and create your vision.  Doing this when being paid for it is one thing, then going home to do this all over again on your own home … it kind of loses it’s appeal.

What it boils down to is that I am more than happy to graft for my clients, stay up all hours, do whatever it takes to actualize their dreams but when it comes to our home let’s just say Mr E hears the words “we can just do for now” quite often.  

Well we can’t ‘just do’ anymore, this is a big moment for me, and for Mr E who is sighing a huge sigh of relief that we now deserve to have our dream home too.  We have been living in our villa for 3 years now, when we first moved we were not sure if it was the right location, but we soon fell in love with ‘suburbia’ and have no plans to move anytime soon.  So call in the wrecking ball .. quite literally we are breaking down walls to create a whole new extended wing to Casa Entywell!

Our kitchen, the hub of any home, was a cherry wood eyesore to start with but instead of totally ripping it out we went down the cabinet wrapping route that was a super transformation and served it’s purpose for the the last two years but it didn’t solve the appliances problems.  We have never had a functioning extractor fan or even a light above the cooker hob.  Evening meal preparation involves torches, window and door opening alongside candle lighting and a lot of cursing especially if we are cooking fish or curry!!  So its high time a new kitchen is in order but why just a new kitchen lets go the whole hog and double it in size along with the whole  living room … go big or go home – that makes no sense because we are home but you see where I am going right? 

Now to the next issue … I am a very fast and efficient designer at work for my clients, blow my own trumpet I know but it’s true anyone of them will vouch for this, however ask me about my own projects and Mr E will tell you I am not so speedy. 

We have gone back and forth and up and down and around the bend on this extension and don’t even start on the kitchen.  

I have wracked my brains as to what is going on and why I can function so well in my professional capacity outside of my home but then not be able to do it at my own home … the answer is I am frugal! Not with others, I love to bestow gifts upon others I just find it excruciatingly hard to part with cash for things for myself unless they are ABSOLUTELY to the nail perfect.  I cannot bear to live with regret so I prefer to just not risk it in the first place.

Long and boring story short we have found the answer, a bespoke kitchen designer based here in Dubai who will work with me to design and create the kitchen of my, sorry our, dreams.  It is going to take all the anxiety out of the process for me in terms of having to make all the decisions from a small range of options that one supplier based in Europe has available and then risk them getting here and not fitting etc etc all the nightmares I have faced in the past will be ‘pooofff’ gone.  I am so relieved and actually now excited rather than aggravated and resentful about starting work when I get home from work!

I will be sharing the project with you, the highs and lows as there always are many on any project. But I am confident that come the end we will have the kitchen of our dreams with a new extended living and dining area that we will be proud to invite our friends and family over to enjoy with us. 

Watch this space I can’t wait to share it!

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