11th July 2021

Koh Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand’s second largest island is known for its palm fringed beaches and luxury resorts and spas. 

Having spent quite a few months at a time on and off living and working on the island I know it quite well, however it is quite a different place when on vacation to when living and working there.

The beauty of now being in recovery is that I actually enjoy to travel and go on holiday, in that I allow myself the time off from work and stringent routines.  Mr E has been a big factor in this shift for me allowing myself to enjoy myself.

Thailand and Koh Samui had not held very happy memories for me due to my illness taking its toll on me and landing me in hospital so I was anxious to go back but also adamant that I was not going to let the demons of my past ruin a whole island for my and Mr E’s enjoyment.

The outcome, was pretty spectacular!  We travelled first to Bangkok for a few nights, and in honestly we didn’t love it, we didn’t dislike it, it just wasn’t our favourite place.  We stayed in the Banyan Tree mainly for its famed rooftop restaurant, that to be honest has had its day I suspect.  The hotel was a little ‘business trip’ style and another time we would look to another hotel. 

Arriving on Koh Samui Island we instantly felt more chilled out, we had booked out one of our rental villas in the more sleepy Boh Phut fisherman’s village, I favor this nook of the island to the rowdier Chewang and Lamai for its more relaxed feel.  Our villas are at the end of the beach so within walking distance of the village and hotels, perfect to have peace and quiet but close enough to walk out for entertainment, shopping and meals.

Our villa is beach front with its own swimming pool,  manager and staff (including chef), so pretty much like a hotel without being a hotel – perfection.  Walking along the beach we found what became our daily afternoon massage haunt.  For 350 Baht each we had a 90 min Thai massage that was second to none finishing up in time for our evening sundowner.  We were quickly into a Thai routine and dangerously close to never coming home!

Koh Samui … I am glad to say we will be back. 

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