15th July 2021

Mishaps and Memories

“It is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way.” Penelope Riley

Travel is one of my greatest joys in recovery.  The anticipation, planning and lead up to a trip.  The joy of researching the destination, booking the journey, the flights, arriving in a new place, all of it I love.  This has only come since I got free from the constraints of my addiction.

I did travel when I was very ill but in a very different way.  I feared it, the unknown, anything other than my stringent daily routine.  I was terrified of where I would stay, what I would be expected to eat, how I could get my exercise routine in and how I could manage to isolate away on my own, just me and my disease.  So sad now to think of all the years of life and travel and experiences I have missed out on.  Such a waste, of time, of life, of living.

So now I live my life with the ethos that I have not got time left to waste, I have only time left to live.

Mr E has brought out the very best in me in so many ways and one of which is rekindling my desire to see the world, travel far and wide as often as we can.  

Paris, of course, is our favorite city break, the city of love and where we brought our friends and family together to celebrate our wedding so it will always be our special city … my Wedding blog post will follow soon!

New York is another very fond city break of ours … that is where Mr E popped the question and I said ‘oh ok then’, again watch out for my NYC blog post.  City breaks, beach escapes, island getaways, cruises to end all cruises you name it we do it and I will be sharing all our trips here on my blog.  

Our travels are testimony to how far I have come and I would love by sharing them to give hope to those reading this that are still in the grips of social anxiety and fear of freedom that there is such a big wonderful wide world out there waiting for them to build memories in too.  

One step at a time, you can get to your freedom and you can get to your best life.  Just never stop fighting. 

I know for sure that I will continue to make mishaps and memories along my recovery journey but always with a big smile on my face, knowing that where I am going is so much better than where I came from.

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I’m not afraid to lift the lid on the disease and everything that happened to me - the good the bad and the ugly, and how hard I have worked, and still work, to achieve and create the life I have now. It is possible to beat Anorexia and the mental health issues that come with it, but it needs to be talked about.

I’m here to support anybody who has an eating disorder, or anybody who has a friend or family member going through it and wants to learn more.