18th July 2021

Our Home Bar

When we decided to move into our first home together before we got married it was a big move. We had previously lived in a small, but amazingly located apartment in, ‘The Centre Of Now’, Downtown Dubai so the move to a villa in ‘suburbia’ was a big deal but one I was game for, especially as it meant I had multiple rooms to design.

It was finally my chance to make a house beautiful for me and my partner. I was used to making other people’s homes beautiful. I never dreamt I would have such a wonderful partner (and now husband) and home. So my home being part of my story is proof that it is worth fighting to get well. There is a wonderfully colorful life waiting to be lived and if I can do it, everyone can.

As I love to live life in color nowadays I have chosen our bar as our first home room reveal, its one of our most striking rooms.

When designing any project I always start with an overall vision and then break that down room by room. In the case of our bar I had black walls, neon light sign with a pop wallpaper wall. The scene was set I just needed to piece it all together.

You will learn as you follow me that while I love beautiful things, high fashion and exquisite design, I also love a good bargain. I will never be afraid or ashamed to trawl around to find something ‘in the style of’ if it means getting a better price. In my opinion whether in fashion or interior styling it is all about having a skilled eye for where you put your champion pieces then dress around them to suit your budget accordingly.

So here are the details –

I designed the bar unit myself with the brushed gold metal trim along with the floating bar shelf with under trim lighting. The bar unit top is finished in a black granite, I prefer this stone to marble for bars and kitchen units in order to avoid staining. Our bar gets well used and I never want to be worrying about those late night spills!

The wallpaper is my bargain buy, from WallsNeedLove and it is literally peel and stick wallpaper. I wanted a tropical pop print that I could replace if we wanted to change it easily in a year or so therefore wanted something not too expensive, turns out we love it and I am often asked where it’s from. Our vintage record player in muted green leather works amazingly against the tropical wallpaper, truth be told we rarely listen to our vinyl’s but the player and Adele certainly add to the look we were aiming for in this room.

The sofa is from a local furniture store as I loved the color for the room, then I had the pouf that I use as the ‘sort of’ coffee table made for that extra pop of fuchsia to contrast with the black and white skin carpet.

The tiger cushions on the sofa were a wonderful find from H&M Home. H&M in my opinion are a high street powerhouse especially for their designer collaborations, I loved some of the pieces from their DVF for H&M home recent drop and can’t wait to see who they partner with next.

Thats our bar, it brought me so much joy to design and it brings me more joy that I can now genuinely enjoy being social, invite people into our home and use the room. These are things I never dreamt I would have been able to say. Socialising was just not part of my life when I was ill … but try to stop me now!

Ps, if anyone would like to teach me how to play Backgammon that would be super!

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