25th August 2021

Our Kate Room

Growing up we had a ‘Posh Lounge’, basically the room that didn’t have a TV in it and we were not really supposed to sit in. Pointless I always thought. Fast forward 30 years and guess what? I have designed us a ‘Posh Lounge’, its been used all of twice in our nearly 3 years in our home but I still love and wouldn’t change it for the world.

The way our house is designed it is all on the ground floor apart from our bedroom that is on the first floor so every morning I come downstairs and walk through the house past the ‘Posh Lounge’ to get to the Kitchen and Living Room therefore I enjoy said ‘Posh Lounge’ daily.

The main feature of ‘Posh Lounge’ is our “Kate Moss” by Patrick Rubinstein. This is one of our most prized art pieces, it was our engagement gift to each other. We purchased Kate in our beloved city, Paris, when we were visiting for our engagement photoshoot in January 2019. The piece is an original, one of kind. My husband and I both love Rubinstein’s work for his innovative three dimensional style … we favor interesting art and both fell for this piece upon seeing it on that freezing Parisian afternoon in Montmartre.

The sofas in this room are gorgeous, I worked with a local bespoke upholsterer to design the perfect sofa with the exact dimensions for this room. It’s the depth of the back and armrests that really make them special.

The room was easily able to take the bold velvet turquoise curtains with a deep pink border and matching sofa cushions as ‘Kate’ has so much color. I did then keep the remainder of the elements in the room very cool with a large grey toned rug layered with our gorgeous perspex and glass Eichholtz tables and consoles.

The finishing touches are my prized ‘Vogue – Voice of a Century’ limited edition book, signed by Kate Moss, a collectors edition gifted to me by my darling Mummy that I will treasure forever and of course the infamous Tom Ford book. Statement books are a perfect ‘finisher’ to any room and a wonderful gift when stuck for ideas. I love to spend hours in bookshops or browsing online, Taschen and Assouline are two of my favorites for chic finds.

The Missoni cushions I was lucky enough to swipe from my Sister before she sold them, they were too small in her house but they finished this room perfectly.

Voila, our Kate room is perfectly Posh, I don’t sit in it but I do get a little lift each day as I walk past it. This is what recovery is about for me, finding the beauty and gift in everyday things.

Surround yourself with things that make you happy and feel good, it can’t do you any harm!

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