11th July 2021

Safari in Kenya

Kenya has a piece of my heart and always will.  I have been fortunate to frequent this beautiful country since my early teens when my Father began working there.

We are now so proud to have our Safari Lodges in Kenya, Olarro. Call me bias but they are quite literally slices of the untouched sublime, the forgotten land, a place of total ease and peace.

The lodges themselves are 5 star luxury.  Wake up pre-sunrise to flasks of hot chocolate and cookies delivered to your door before morning game drives, gourmet sundowners and dinners in the bush. Enjoy luxurious massages overlooking the plains and roaring fires as a backdrop to evening silver service dining at the lodges.  


These amazing experiences all take second bat to the main event, the safari.  Olarro offers 21,000 acres of its own private conservancy.  This might not mean much to most but as a teenager I stayed in many of the safari lodges within the Masai Mara and had amazing experiences however year on year these became more commercialized with my lasting memories being that of at least 20 vehicles surrounding a pride of lions that left me feeling quite uncomfortable. The loud crackling of ranger’s radios, tourist’s voices and camera snaps made it much more like a zoo than seeing these incredible animals in their natural habitat.  It had become as though we were intruding on these animals in their natural habitat and that was not what Kenya was for us.

What my Father has created at Olarro is a private, luxurious experience for his guests but those guests include the animals that pass through his conservancy.  The animals are key to our guests experience, that’s why you come on Safari, the guests at Olarro are key to the staff but the animals are just as key.  

Another major part of a visit to Olarro is bringing the local culture into the guest experience. Olarro wishes to give our guests the gift of visiting local villages.  Through the close relationships we have built with our land owners, we are able to allow our guests entry to local villages to meet the amazing Masai families.  Here guests will learn about their culture and how they live their life, it is a life changing experience and eye opening especially in our digital world. 

Game drives, quad biking, yoga, spa, swimming pools, adventure playgrounds, arts and crafts programs, campfires, gourmet dining, bush dinners, hot air balloon expeditions, there is so much on offer at Olarro.  One of my favorite things to do is look to the sky in the black of night and see the stars like I do not see in many places, you can even see satellites moving it is that clear.  The beauty for me is to switch off, be at one with nature, it feels so good to remember what is really important in life and to take a break and at Olarro I really can do that. 

All in all the Olarro experience is one that is not to be missed for couples, singles and families alike.  It suits all, you will be welcomed with open arms time and time again.

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