6th June 2021

Video has not killed my Radio Star

The Covid 19 Pandemic has been a terrible time for a lot of people. Lockdowns have been stringent and for those of us with mental health battles our coping mechanisms have been really tested. Days can be long at the best of times so as part of my recovery I make sure to keep myself busy. I have a daily routine, especially during the week, and don’t usually tend to spend a lot of time at home. When lockdown hit I was anxious to say the least about how I was going to cope.

Luckily in 2019 I had treated myself to a Roberts Radio. I had lusted after one of these for such a long time. It looks beautifully vintage but is rather fancy and links to the internet so I can tune into the Radio stations in the UK. This is a test


Honestly, this beautiful leather bound box has had a massively positive impact on my lockdown and Covid experience.

I have listened to my beloved radio every single day, Radio 5 Live is my station of choice and I just love it and the presenters. From mornings with Nikky and Rachel to Nihal in the evening, I look forward to the interviews, the banter, the debates, the laughter and the real talk each show brings. Weekends do not disappoint either with Elis James and John Robins cracking me up on a Friday lunchtime and Scott Mills and Chris Stark on a Saturday with their regular items such as blow my mind for a pizza. It’s just good listening.

Robert the radio lives in the kitchen so I listen as I prepare breakfast, again at lunchtime and then in the evening before dinner. I have learned so much, felt so connected, inspired and felt like I was not alone in all of this. It’s been a lifeline, far better than being slumped in front of ‘Netflix’, don’t get me wrong I do love a good series, but for realtime honest talk you cannot beat the good old fashioned “wireless”.

It totally helps that my Roberts works perfectly with my Kitchen decor so its a win win. If you put one thing on your Birthday or early Christmas list, make it one of these as they are just great!

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